Free happiness!

Sometimes you walk around, minding your own business and then suddenly. Out of nowhere (Spain, actually) you get treated to some free happiness by a Tuna! Enjoy! If you like my images, repost, tweet, or tumblr, but with proper copyright attribution please. (c) JW Amsterdam

Green parasol on a beach in Thailand (c) JW Amsterdam -

But is it commercial enough?

The kind opportunity a friend of mine offered me, has also presented me with an issue I had never have to think about too much (or at all, really). My friend and his partner own Two for Joy Coffee Company in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has offered me wall space to exhibit some of my work.…

Egg on my face.

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that after proof reading my latest book a thousand times, I discovered a stray place holder page at the end of chapter one, but only AFTER it had been published! Still I’m glad that I managed to find this flaw pretty early on so I could remedy the situation.…