This blog gives me the opportunity to share with you the way I see the world.

We are surrounded by so much beauty, if only we took a moment to see it!

I have the great fortune to travel a lot for work and I often bring my camera along. Though I often don’t have the time or the energy to go on, what I call, a ‘photo-safari’; walking around and shooting what catches my eye.

If you like my images, please repost, tweet, or tumblr, but please do respect my copyrights and only share with proper credits. Thank you!

I’ve had it said many a time that I should ‘do more’ with my images so I started making ebooks (at the moment only for iPad). So if you have the time have a look at my most recent book: “Destination: Bangkok!” for iPad. So why not go visit the Apple iBookstore (-:

Also in the “Destination!” series: Destination: Bhutan!. A photographic journey through the magical land of The Thunder Dragon.

Oh, I love constructive feedback so let me know what you think.

iPad and iBookstore are registered trade names of Apple, Inc., in the United States and other countries.


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