It’s all in your mind. - Church at Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark - Entrance gate at Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark - Tunnel at Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark - National Maps of the Sea Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark - Tree at Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark - Maersk Promotor, shipmodel Copenhagen, Denmark - Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark - Copenhagen, Denmark - Changing of the guards, Amalienborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Just like the other day I sometimes just don’t feel like exploring a city when I’m there for a work visit. It could be because I’m too tired or because I don’t have any inspiration or some other mood related thing.

But somehow I managed to step out of the spiral and I got going.

The weather was playing its part, sunny, dry but icy wind.

Perfect for getting some fresh air.

And lo and behold I even managed to snap some nice shots with the iPhone.

All images are copyrighted!


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