The Bigger Picture.

Exterior of the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New-York City, New-York. (c) JW Amsterdam

It’s often said that you should look at ‘The Bigger Picture’; I often tend to do the exact opposite.

First of all usually whatever ‘The Bigger Picture’ may be, it will take care of itself. I think it’s inherent to it being the bigger picture. A lot of people are looking at ‘The Bigger Picture’ so the overal will be just fine.

It’s the details that make the difference!

When you look at a recently painted door, you will not think of it as a remarkable thing and quickly forget about it. However, when the door has been painted particularly well, you will notice the difference between this door and another generic door where the paint has been ‘slapped’ on.

Though with the proper gear, a lot of patience, and great knowledge, you can take a picture that takes in an entire building, like the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New-York City for instance, but for a mortal like me trying to get the bigger picture is just not possible. I don’t have the proper tilt/shift lenses, not knowledgeable enough about the technicalities of taking such a picture, don’t have access to the best vantage point (probably somewhere in the middle of the street and elevated). So I pick out some details that I like and concentrate on those.

Just like in real life when ‘The Bigger Picture’ is sometimes simply to big to get your head around.

And though they say: ‘look at the Bigger Picture’, they also say: ‘God is in the details’.

(c) JW Amsterdam


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