Weekly Photo Challenge: (the hue of you)

Weekly Photo Challenge: (the hue of you) - https://dstntns.wordpress.com

In response to this weeks ‘The Daily Post’ weekly photo challenge: the hue of you.

Taken during a walk on the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

I have always had a strange attraction to the colour indigo. This colour blue is so dark that it’s almost black, yet you can make almost any shade of blue with it.

When you use additive colour mixing (with paints or pigments), adding a touch of cyan to your indigo will give it this enormous depth! Almost hypnotic.

Now, the hues in this image don’t go so dark as to reach indigo, but I think it is a nice example of how much depth a colour, in this case it would be a light cornflower blue, can have. From the darkest blue in the image to white/colourless.

What you are looking at is a chasm in the extremely dense ice of the glacier. It is filled with meltwater from the glacier, the small black spots float on the surface of the water. The black spots are ‘contamination’ (sand, dust, etc) that was once trapped in the old ice and has surfaced once the ice melted and released the trapped material.

You can see how the hues change intensity below the water surface compared to above the surface.

Due to the extreme density of the ice there is an absolute absence of air bubbles, the only colour the ice reflects from the full white spectrum is blue. The ice isn’t blue, it’s colourless, but it’s special properties make that it only reflects this colour from the visible range.

As a kid I always wondered if glaciers and ice were really as blue as I had seen in photos, or whether the photos were greatly enhanced. Now I know, the ice really looks this blue!

(c) JW Amsterdam


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (the hue of you)

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    • Thanks! Seeing all those massive chunks of ice floating on Lake Argentina was amazing! It was the first time I’ve seen a glacier (Perito Moreno) from the lake it ends up in. The wall of ice you are confronted with is so huge! As it was summer you could hear the constant movement of the ice making outer worldly sounds, and than an enormous thunder-like noise and a big chunk breaks off of the wall as the glacier moves down it’s natural path. The sound, size and colours of the ice: wow!

      • Wow! I can imagine! It should be really beautiful and unique. And I loved the way you pictured that in just a frame: only the shades are enough to show how huge and magical it is. Amazing job!

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