In the middle of nowhere.

Baobab tree, Tsavo National Park Kenya - (c) JW Amsterdam

I don’t know why, but I never considered a white dove a symbol of peace. I haven’t researched it but I have the feeling that this association of peace with this creature has a biblical origin.

For me trees are the ultimate symbol of peace. I don’t think there are much more peaceful organisms (that we humans can see with the naked eye) that are more peaceful.

Trees simply are.

All the do is simply be, convert CO2 in to oxygen, provide shade and shelter to other creatures, also when they have died, and ultimately turn into compost for new organisms to grow.

So in the middle of nowhere (Tsavo East National Park, Kenya) this tree simply is.

I’m feeling a bit philosophical lately, a bit lost even, every now and then. Perhaps I should try to be more like the tree. Not surprisingly one particular yoga pose symbolises a tree and is meant to ground you.

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(c) JW Amsterdam

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