The bigger picture: gratitude.

Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo, Japan. (c)

When I take photos I usually use the Aperture priority setting of my camera. I like to focus on details, so I mostly use the biggest aperture (lowest number). That way everything that is further away from the detail I’m focussing on is blurred.

Unfortunately all this travelling I do often blurs my brain, or perhaps ‘fries’ my brain would be a better way to put it. If there is such a thing as ‘chronic fried brain syndrome’, I’m sure I would be tested positive.

Sometimes the focus on details, steers me away from the bigger picture though. The bigger picture is that I’m grateful that I even get to go on these trips and see corners of the world that I never thought I would be able to (afford) to see.

Part of the bigger picture are the photo ebooks I like to create. If you’d like to be part of my bigger picture have a look at my ebooks for iPad already available on the Apple iBookstore.

If you like my images, repost, tweet, or tumblr, but with proper copyright attribution please.

(c) JW Amsterdam

iPad and iBookstore are registered trade names of Apple, Inc., in the United States and other countries.


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