As seen from the cockpit.

Plane passing by as seen from a cockpit of another plane. (c)

I’ll be high up in the skies again in a few hours for my usual commute between my two places of residence (sounds a bit posh perhaps, but unfortunately it’s just for work related reasons my partner and I don’t live together…)

When I was cleaning up my iPhoto library from the day I got my first iPhone till yesterday, over 3500 pic thrown in the bin(!), I came across the one shown on this page.

I have no idea when I took it but as you can see I was lucky enough to have been invited into the cockpit and even luckier to be able to snap shoot this moment when a plane passed us by from underneath.

Personally I think this is really cool!

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(c) JW Amsterdam

iPad, iPhoto and iPhone are registered trade names of Apple, Inc., in the United States and other countries.


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