But is it commercial enough?

Green parasol on a beach in Thailand (c) JW Amsterdam - dstntns.wordpress.com

The kind opportunity a friend of mine offered me, has also presented me with an issue I had never have to think about too much (or at all, really).

My friend and his partner own Two for Joy Coffee Company in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has offered me wall space to exhibit some of my work. I’m super exited about that because that would be my first public exhibition of any kind, ever.

It has also presented me with some questions I guess any artist at one point faces. As the way I choose to display my work is rather costly 50×75 cm prints sandwiched between a aluminium laminate and clear perspex I can’t be too nonchalant about the prints I choose (I have set my mind on 4 prints), nor about the quality of the image or print itself.

The mini exhibition is aimed at raising attention to my ebooks for iPad, but the works will also be for sale. Due to the cost involving making the works I want to choose images that both represent the two ebooks (2 images per book), but they also need to be commercial enough insomuch that they might actually be sold.

Now my work often has a ‘graphic’ feel about it as I mostly photograph details of a bigger picture thus abstracting the subject. And my personal preferences don’t often line up with what the 500px.com community likes for instance.

So the question running through my mind these past few days (after having had to decide against my favourite image for various reasons) is: “but is it commercial enough?”. This has never been an ‘issue’ or factor for me.

I find it rather daunting to find the 4 images I want to spend a total of 640,- Euros on to get them exhibition ready, that are commercial enough, but I like enough myself to not mind too much if I get stuck with them afterwards.

If you like my images, repost, tweet, or tumblr, but with proper copyright attribution please.

(c) JW Amsterdam


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