Destination: Bangkok! for iPad now available on iBookstore.

Destination: Bangkok! now available on iBookstore

Available on iBookstore

Great news from my publisher, “Destination: Bangkok!” for iPad is now available on the Apple iBookstore!!!

Experience the sound, look and feel of this city that truly never sleeps through beautiful images, videos and soundbites.

One of the videos is a unique time lapse sequence of the setting up of the world famous Pat Pong Night market, made especially for this book!

This book will give you a good impression of what to expect when you visit for the first time, or will conjure up dear memories if you have already been.

Let me show you Bangkok through my eyes by word and image!

Both my publisher and I are keen on hearing what you think so don’t hesitate to contact so your comments can make your experience better in either an update or in the next book in the series.

(c) JW Amsterdam

iPad and iBookstore are registered trade names of Apple, Inc., in the United States and other countries


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