A bit of KLM History, vintage business class coffee and tea cup.

Vintage KLM Business Class Coffee and Tea Cup, (c) JW Amsterdam

No “Destinations!” without flying, so today a piece of airline history…

Got a nice vintage design tea/coffee cup from a friend, that was used in KLM’s Business Class up until Marcel Wanders created a whole new award winning look for KLM’s World Business Class cutlery and tableware.

Though thoroughly old fashioned now, it does still have the air of what air travel used to be like in ‘the good old days’.

Those days are gone as prices for air travel have plummeted to make globetrotting possible for the likes of me and millions of others.

A little know fact outside the airline industry is that KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij or Royal Dutch Airlines) is the oldest airline in the world and is still operating a large global network as member of SKY Team. The airline likes to emphasise it’s Dutch origin by commissioning well know Dutch designers like Marcel Wanders or Hella Jongerius.

Images for Marcel Wanders and Hella Jongerius designs borrowed from Boardingarea.com and DutchCowGirls.nl

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(c) JW Amsterdam

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