Some cooling down please.


A small block of ice from one of the several glaciers that end in Lake Argentina. Nicely lit from behind. The colour of the ice really seems this blue in real life! Due to the density of the ice and the absence of micro air bubbles the light of the sun gets refracted in such a way that the ice seems perfectly blue!

Truly stunning!!

As Europe is (finally) heating up, temperatures are rising to a level I don’t find so comfortable any more, I could do with a piece of ice right now!

I have just thought of a new photo project for my upcoming business trip. I really hope it will work. To get it done properly is rather challenging, especially since I haven’t done this particular type of project before. I really do hope it will result in something worth me next book in the “Destinations!” series! It would certainly be a great feature!

If you like my images, repost, tweet, or tumblr, but with proper copyright attribution please. In the mean time have a look at this.

(c) JW Amsterdam


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