Skytrain tracks Bangkok

I love concrete architecture and concrete structures (though the production of concrete is the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gasses, more so than for instance the aviation industry!). One of my favourite architects is Tadao Ando, who works mostly with concrete.

The image above are is a detail of the concrete structure that holds up the tracks for the Bangkok Mass Transit System or BTS, also know as Skytrain. An elevated train that has recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and has become an essential part of daily live in Bangkok.

Property prices increase if there’s a BTS station within walking distance, just like in London with the Tube.

Elevated is also how I feel just now as I have for the first time filled out and sent off the tax forms that come with having a publishing company. Elevated because I know nothing about taxes and elevated that I don’t owe any taxes.

However it would be nicer if I did have to pay some taxes as that would indicate business is going well.

You can help me with that, if you like of course, you are free to choose!

How? Help spreading the word about my eBook in the Apple iBookstore, using Facebook, Twitter and the like. Simply use this link: http://bit.ly/bhutan_promo in your post.

Almost looking forward to filling out the next tax form, not really /-:

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