Home sweet home.

Traditional brick houses in Amsterdam

With two places to call home it’s sometimes difficult to say which one I consider to be more home than the other. I guess since Amsterdam is where I have my apartment (as opposed to my partner’s in Bavaria) I think it would be fair to say that Amsterdam is my home of homes.

Another prescheduled post, sorry for the lack of spontaneity the past few days.

If all went according to plans and schedules I’ll have landed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol minutes ago (by the way Schiphol is the best airport I have come across in ten years of travelling).

Amsterdam city centre, and with that I mean the historical canal area, was pronounced UNESCO World Heritage site. This is something I often take for granted when I’m sitting in a tram or bus on my way home. The city is so picturesque, I don’t believe I have so few photos of it. I’ll make it a long term project for one of my books.

The houses you see on the photo have a particular style of traditional facades. In Dutch it’s called ‘Halsgevel’ or ‘Klokgevel‘ which would translate into Clock Gable in English. They are rather common in historic Dutch towns and cities and also fairly pretty if you ask me.

I’ll be so extremely tired from the jet-lag and lack of sleep that I’ll be either hyperactive or a walking zombie.

If you like my images, repost, tweet, or tumblr, but with proper copyright attribution please. In the mean time have a look at this.

(c) JW Amsterdam


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