Achana: One who is not frightened.

Pra Achana

It was a particularly hot summer when we visited Sukhothai. Cycling through the big historic park and visiting the temples, shrines and stupas scattered around the ancient city had taken its toll. I was ready to throw in the towel.

My partner said: “Just one more?”. I agreed and said: “Just one more.”.

We arrived at a squared, cubic, tall stone building with only one entrance. When we walked through the remains of the gate and got closer to the building I was really happy to see the most beautiful statue of the Buddha that I have ever seen! I also loved how the narrow but tall entrance to the building (the Mandapa of Wat Si Chum) only slowly revealed what was inside.

Phra Achana.

I have often heard people speak of the expression of the Buddha’s face in paintings, statues or other representations. Not until I came face to face with this IMMENSE stone statue I had never experienced the benevolent feeling when looking at the expression on this face!

This “little” temple was worth sweating the whole day, walking and cycling across Sukhothai historic park.

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(c) JW Amsterdam


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