Wat Tri mit wit Thayaram.

Wat tri mit wit Thayaram

After I got the local iMac connected to the remote iMac I worked on some images again for an upcoming book in the Destination! series.

I’m sure I’m going to tweak the images some more over time. This was just the ‘first round’ so to speak. It will also be different when I’ll be working on the remote iMac on location without the lag in feedback on the screen. Perhaps the colours may even look different.

Anyways this image was taken in China Town in Bangkok, Thailand and you can see Wat Tri mit wit Thayaram temple towering over the ordinary houses and motor shops.

I can certainly recommend a stroll through China Town in Bangkok, if you find the time and it’s not too hot, as you really have no idea of the small and big gems you’ll find on your way.

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(c) JW Amsterdam


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